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Posted by Thomas Denny | Aug 08, 2016 | 0 Comments

Occasionally I receive phone calls from disgruntled persons who filed for bankruptcy in the past using other attorneys. Almost everyone has the same complaint: “The attorney never contacted me to tell me what I needed to do.” As a result, their cases were dismissed, often for something as simple as failing to provide copies of their tax returns.

The truth is, many attorneys simply do not care. Once they are paid and the bankruptcy petition is filed, their clients are left to fend for themselves. The typical excuse is “They were informed about these things at the initial consultation” or “in writing.”

At the Law Office of Thomas Denny I make it my personal business to ensure that all the necessary documents are submitted and steps are taken to successfully complete each of my clients' cases. I answer my phone calls and emails and never ignore my clients' communications or concerns, no matter how seemingly trivial or unimportant.

I also make it a point to keep in mind how important is to listen. Perceived by other attorneys to be a waste of time, I have an interest in knowing how my client feels about his or her situation. Although I may spend a greater percentage of consultation time listening and responding to my clients' personal grievances, I believe it is time well spent. Clients are people – not numbers. Although I am paid for my services, there is greater reward in knowing that what I do can make a positive difference in others' lives.

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