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Buffalo NY Bankruptcy Lawyer Thomas DennyAbout me,  Thomas Denny

I graduated from Florida A&M College of Law after majoring in Political Science and Constitutional History at the University of Florida. After law school I continued my education, earning a MA in Political Science.

For years, I worked to help make the community I live in a better place. In 1996 I campaigned for legislation which raised the age of a Person in Need of Supervision (PINS) from 16 to 18. Among my backers were Senator Mary Lou Rath, George D. Maziarz and assembly members Thomas M. Reynolds and Joseph Pillittere. Previous to that initiative, I helped organize a drive that preserved 100 acres of pristine lakefront woodland at Sturgeon Point in the Town of Evans.

I chose to focus on bankruptcy and foreclosure law due to my personal history. Before becoming an attorney, I an array of blue-collar jobs, such as driving trucks, working in factories and rehabilitating homes. During that time, I dealt with many setbacks that eventually led to me to file for bankruptcy.

In light of my personal experience, legal proficiency and personalized service, I know that I can help you protect your assets and get back on your feet financially. I will personally represent you at the meeting of creditors, and through each stage of your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case.

Please call me and I will explain to you your legal rights and answer any questions about the process you may have.

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